Wise Counsel

Meeting Expectations


Audience Expectations and Market Opportunities


Successful communications programs are built on clear objectives and focused execution.  The best intentions, though, can become muddied by the influence of legitimate but internal considerations.  The traditional role of an outside public relations agency is a hedge against these kinds of distractions, but over time, outside counsel can defer to internal demands.


Wise Counsel offers a project-based, objective review with specific regard for who the audiences are, what they expect and how other forces, competitive, social and political can affect the program’s outcome.






Ask yourself:


Have you become addicted to safe but predictable marketing?


According to Scientific American, novelty promotes memory. Experiencing a novel situation within a routine context, or discovering a new aspect to a familiar idea helps us more easily store this event in memory. The comfort factor of delivering exactly what the audience expects can stand in the way of expanding that audience. It’s not enough simply to meet audience expectations. Successful companies need to exceed those expectations. Wise Counsel can offer a fresh take on the “tried and true.”



Are you considering the widest range of audiences?


Often, communications programs target the “usual suspects” – end users, investors and the media, whether that includes traditional, Internet-based or social media – neglecting the importance of other constituents. Wise Counsel can help develop a 360-degree view of the audiences whose opinions and influence are critical to building a receptive environment for communications messages.



Does your communications strategy scale to a broader global context?


Global communications can be affected not only by linguistic and cultural differences, but also by social norms, government policies and legal restrictions, a different set of key influencers and audience reactions that are shaped by a shared history and common perspective. While today’s companies follow a global operations model, communications strategies can be limited by the perspective of a local headquarters team. Wise Counsel’s team offers deep global experience to act as a sounding board for how your communications programs will be received across target markets.


Have you assessed the impact of your entire business environment? Looked at trends in tangential industries? Upcoming legislation and policy issues?


Have you evaluated appropriate delivery for multiple audiences?


The success of a communications message depends on it delivery. The right time, place and person are critical in maximizing the impact of your program.