Wise Counsel

Are your executives fully prepared for their role as spokespersons?


According to a 2013 survey on executive coaching conducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, and The Miles Group*, communication and listening skills rank among those areas CEOs identify as most necessary for their personal development. Yet nearly two-thirds of CEOs and almost half of senior executives are not receiving any coaching.


When confidentiality and privacy are paramount, outside counsel can provide advice independent of internal pressures.


Wise Counsel partners are senior executives in their own right. Our experience helping C-level executives improve their communications skills is enhanced by our own understanding of the challenges facing them.



Have you assessed your style?



Have you put yourself in the role of your peers, subordinates, customers and antagonists?



Have you checked your mirror?


What challenges are you trying to master?