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Communications programs may be routine or special, tactical or strategic, persistent or opportunistic.  No matter the intention, each is designed to achieve a specific business goal.  In an era of inadvertently transparent social media, quick-to-judge 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week media coverage and hard-to-hide mixed messages, Wise Counsel offers a second opinion that can confirm the approach or offer specific recommendations to strengthen them.  





Actionable Market Positioning & Messaging


Actionable market positioning – a description of a company, candidate or institution that creates a preference for their goods, services or ideas – is the mandatory basis for effective messaging and a successful public relations and marketing program.

Done well, it has influence in a host of activities, ranging from naming to recruiting to fundraising.  As a result, it is the best, first step to take in creating a communications program.


Audience Expectations and Market Opportunities


Successful communications programs are built on clear objectives and focused execution.  The best intentions, though, can become muddied by the influence of legitimate but internal considerations.  The traditional role of an outside public relations agency is a hedge against these kinds of distractions, but over time, outside counsel can defer to internal demands. 

Wise Counsel offers a project-based, objective review with specific regard for who the audiences are, what they expect and how other forces, competitive, social and political can affect the program’s outcome.


Competitive Analysis


Competition is more than those companies that sell similar products and services.  It can come from a changing regulatory environment, consumer advocates and disruptive technologies.  Wise Counsel has a deep legacy of working in this version of our own Matrix™.


Wise Counsel partners are senior executives in their own right. Our experience helping C-level executives improve their communications skills is enhanced by our own understanding of the challenges facing them.


Program/Budget Review



The combined experience of the Wise Counsel team gives it insight to the best practices of the agency/client relationship.  This includes an understanding of program elements, staffing, measurement and budgeting.  These are all essential parts of a successful program, each that can benefit from outside review to confirm or offer suggested changes that can lead to greater efficacy and efficiency.