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Desperate and Despicable -- Learning from preposterous posters.

Desperate and despicable, that is what I label people who use the misfortune of others to grab attention for themselves, their blogs or other forms of mis-informed content. If you have something compelling to say, then craft the message in a way that is respectable and responsible. This week cyberspace has witnessed its share of headlines that employ a celebrity's demise to gain traffic and notoriety. My message is stop and stop now. Here are five things that come to mind about this practice.

1. It is disrespectful. Imagine that your spouse, parent or child passed on and immediately was put in the spotlight, employing the ploy of lessons learned. Think hard. I think you will come to the same conclusion as me.

2. There is no value. in taking advantaged of the disadvantaged. If you think there is saving grace prove it. Otherwise refrain from the practice. Please!

3. Your reputation will suffer. Assuming you have a good reputation, your use of such a device to gain followers or notoriety is going to backfire at some point. People will be so disgusted by your lack of sincerity and sympathy, you will lose all credibility for an assumed one time gain.

4. It is just sad. and demonstrates lack of a moral compass. That someone would stoop so low to use the misfortune of others is a sad commentary on your own moral fabric or lack thereof.

5. An act of desperation. Yes you look desperate. It is an extreme act indicating you have no hope or confidence in yourself to say something of importance to followers and potential followers without using a fake device to seek attention that is not warranted.

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